The experts of NUCLIN have developed a unique offer that allows our partners to get highly profitable government and commercial contracts. NUCLIN is a permanent participant of government and commercial trade procedures. Number of contracts concluded and fulfilled by our company following the results of completed procedures reaches into the hundreds.


Services provided by our company: 

  • Consulting and assistance in acquiring of Electronic digital signature (EDS) acquiring, Electronic marketplace (EMP) accreditation, financial support of bank guarantee, Self-regulatory organizations (SRO) permits and licenses acquisition
  • Providing information on relevant trade procedures from more than 6000 EMP
  • efficient selection of trade procedures using specified criteria and parameters that correspond to your company's activities
  • Analysis of selected procedures for legislation requirements compliance, inaccuracy and infringement analysis
  • Analysis of your company's competitiveness within selected trade procedure. Preparing of analytical note on similar trade procedures carried out before
  • Preparing and sending of queries to customer or trade procedure organizer in order to clarify the documentation provisions
  • Operational and professional preparation, submission of documents necessary for  trade procedure participation
  • Appeal of a trade procedure results in case your company would face wrongful acts of a trade procedure customer/organizer after application and consideration of the results
  • Contract negotiation counseling


Your applying for our services: 

  1. Saves your employees working time
  2. Saves your expenses on qualified personnel training and salary
  3. Excludes possible mistakes of your personnel at all stages of trade procedure
  4. Allows your company to focus on maximum results of your company’s primary activity without distracting by irrelevant tasks


Main rule of our business –

                      you pay only after achieving the results.

Welcome to the NUCLIN Company!
Dear customers and partners! We are glad to cheer you at the website of the NUCLIN Company. We are grateful to you for the interest in our company. We would like to invite you to mutually beneficial cooperation and hope that this cooperation will be long and fruitful.
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