The main goal of the NUCLIN Company is the complex supply of the Russian enterprises with high-tech machine-building, energetic, and electro-technical equipment of the foreign origin. Performing the solution of the broadest range of problems, such as:

  • preliminary technical agreement;
  • logistics;
  • putting the equipment into operation;
  • service; and
  • technical support;

          The NUCLIN Company makes best efforts to always be at the front edge of the foreign and Russian technical thought and use the instruments of tomorrow to settle the set problems!

           When rendering these services, NUCLIN uses the systemic approach par excellence, which allows us not only to solve the current manufacturing task, but also predetermine the further development of production in such a manner that products made by our client comply with the latest requirements and exhibited high quality indicators. Thorough analysis combined with the maximum accounting for demands and wishes of the client permits achievement of best results.

Welcome to the NUCLIN Company!
Dear customers and partners! We are glad to cheer you at the website of the NUCLIN Company. We are grateful to you for the interest in our company. We would like to invite you to mutually beneficial cooperation and hope that this cooperation will be long and fruitful.
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